The Mitelman Database of Chromosome Aberrations and Gene Fusions in Cancer has been transferred to the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) Cancer Genomics Cloud (ISB-CGC) funded by the US National Cancer Institute (NCI), and is now available at the location:

The updated web site offers some major advances, in particular:

1) Fast search. Powered by Google BigQuery, a cloud-enabled parallel query engine, each search can be executed faster than most web applications with conventional database engines.
2) User interface enhancements. The user interface for the new web site has been simplified with a more responsive front-end, and is easier to use. Major changes added to the web site include the autocomplete drop-down list for Gene, Topography, and Morphology inputs.
3) Capability to download search results. Users can now download query results into a TSV text file.
4) Easier on-line navigation. Search results are simpler to navigate, through use of text filtering, paginations on the search result pages, and user-defined sorting of columns in the search results.

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