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Educational and Institution:
1989 University “Federico II” Naples, Italy Degree in Biological Sciences ”Cum Laude”. Field of study: Biological Sciences “Genetics”. Supervisor Prof. Giorgio Battistuzzi- Co-supervisor Prof. Maria Graziella Persico Thesis Title" The  X- linked steroid Sulphatase Gene identification" 
1985 International Institute of Genetic and Biophysical CNR - Residency. Field of study: Human Genetics. Student - Thesis Supervisor Maria Graziella Persico

Work Address:
-Federico II, University of Naples, DMMBM, Via Pansini 5, 8031, Naples, Italy

-Office c/o CEINGE, Scarl, Via Gaetano Salvatore , 486, 80145, Naples, Italy

-Office c/o DAI- Medicina Trasfusionale, Azienda Ospedaliera Federico II, Via Pansini 9, 80131, Naples,Italy

Office Tel: 081-3737-875

Office Fax: 081-3737-711

Office Fax: 081-746-3490

Lab office: 081-3737-830 or 904

E-mail address:

Research Interests:
Human Genetics, Functional Genomics and Biotechnology. Molecular Biology and Oncology, Tumor Microenvironment –Metastasis.


“My research interest is dedicated to the field of translational research applied to Cancer Genetics and Medical Oncology studying the tumour microenvironment in cancer epithelial originated cells and from those originated in Central Nervous System (in paediatric brain tumors”) by identifying the mechanism of communication between tumorigenic cells and immune-system, thus studying the cell biology establishment of the metastatic niche using molecular genetic approaches”


SCOPUS h index =26


Since 2014 is Associate Editor of Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology - Springer,

Since 2015 is Associate Editor of International Journal of Pediatrics & Neonatal Care

Since 2016 is Associate Editor of Vaccines in the field of "Immunology and Cancer".

Professional Experience:
1986-1989: Research Fellow at the International Institute of Genetics and Biophysics (IIGB), CNR, Naples, Italy.
03/89-09/89: Postdoctoral Fellow at the National Institute of Health, NIDDK department, Bethesda (National Institute of Health.), MD. , USA.
1989-1991: Postdoctoral Fellow at the International Institute of Genetics and Biophysics (IIGB), CNR, Naples, Italy.
1991: Postdoctoral Fellow (Research Associate) at the Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
07/91-01/92: Visiting Scientist Genentech Inc., South San Francisco, CA, USA.
02/92: Visiting Scientist at the Department of Advanced Center for Genetic and Technology, Applied Biosystems, Foster City, CA, USA.
02/93: Associate Scientist at Applied Biosystems, California, USA.
04/94: Product DNA Specialist and Group Leader at Life Science Technology, Perkin-Elmer-Applied Biosystems, Monza, Italy.
01/95: Coordinator of the Sequencing Core Laboratory at TIGEM, Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine, Milan, Italy.
2000-2005: Staff Scientist and researcher at TIGEM, Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine, Naples, Italy
Coordinator TIGEM-IIGB Sequencing Core, TIGEM, Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine, Naples, Italy
2001: Member of the teaching staff: Doctorate in Molecular Oncology and Pharmacology, Universita’ degli Studi di Ferrara (Ferrara, Italy).

Member of the American Society of Human Genetics since 2004, Member of the America Association for Cancer Research since 2006
Member of the teaching staff of TIGEM doctorate program in Human Genetics, Open University UK, Medical Genetics at I University of Medicine (SUN) of Naples.
2003: Member of the American Society for Cell Biology
2004: Temporary Teacher at Federico II University of Medicine, Professor in Medical Genetics.
2005 –2006: Researcher, in a training program for Group Leader (MIUR) at CEINGE, Naples, Italy

November 2006-present: Associate Professor in Genetics and Medical Genetics (Bio/18), Faculty of Biotechnological Sciences, Federico II, Naples, Italy

November 2012 –present: Member of the teaching staff of the SEMM (SEMM European School of Molecular Medicine) PhD Doctorate in Molecular Oncology and System Medicine, Universita’ degli Studi di Milano.

Occasional Reviewer: Oncogene, Cancer Research, Mol Cancer Therapeutics, Biotechniques, Human Genetics, Molecular Cell Biology, Analytical Chemistry, Gene, PNAS, PloSONE, Neoplasia, Scientific Reports, BMC biology, Lancet Oncology.

2007: Professor at the “Scuola di Specializzazione” di Genetica Medica, Federico II, Naples, Italy

2008: Member of Scientific Committee Genomics Applied Research (GEAR)

2009: Member of the Professors Committee board of PhD Program in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Federico II, Naples, Italy

Professor/Teacher at the European School of Molecular Medicine (SEMM), International programme of PhD coordinated by IFOM, CEINGE, Tigem-Telethon.

Reviewer of Grants in Cancer Research, OncoSwiss , AICR-UK, Reviewer grants research – Cancer Research Belgium

2012: Associate Editor of Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology, Springer

2013: Member of the Professors Committee board of PhD Program in Molecular Medicine Federico II (DMMBM), Naples, Italy

2014: Head Medicina Trasfusionale – Virology at DAI, Azienda Ospedaliera Federico II Naples, Italy

Honors and Awards:
Winner of Polywhat Award (Whatman-Polyfiltronics) 1998 “International Conference in Microplate Technology- International Conference in Automation and Robotics and Artificial intelligence applied to analytical Chemistry and laboratory Medicine MipTec & ICAR Conference (15-18 June 1998) Basel, Switzerland. Best Method DNA sequencing protocol used on the Human Genome Draft. Nature 2002
- Milano Award” Best 12 Italian Researcher Program” financed by Associazione Italiana della Ricerca sul Cancro AIRC 2010, PI Massimo Zollo.

Patent deposited:
1- PCT WO 2005/056043 “Use of inhibitors of h-PRUNE cAMP-PDE activity to prevent and treat cancer metastasis. Owner and Inventor Massimo Zollo (11-12-2004).

2- PCT WO 2007/086093, “Inhibitors of cell migrationmediated by H-PRUNE –GSK3 beta complex and use in anti-tumural therapy”. Owner and Inventor Massimo Zollo (25-01-2006).

3- PCT/IT2010/000125/27860 “Use of microRNA 199b-5P in medical and diagnostic fields” Owner and Inventor Massimo Zollo (10-09-2010).

4- European Patent: “Methods and kits for detection of circulating tumor cells biomarker ‘s. Owner and Inventor Massimo Zollo (25/03/2011).


1999, 2003: Principal Investigator AIRC-FIRC fellowships projects
2001-2005: Principal Investigator AIRC grant Tile: “Functional characterization of h-prune-nm23 protein complex”..
2002-2004: Principal Investigator, Research unit, grant sponsored by “Compagnia San Paolo, Torino” on a Breast cancer Project.
2003-2004: PRIN-Biotechnology Italian research program-Grant coordinator Prof. Gennaro Marino (University of Biotechnology, Federico II Naples).
2003-2006: FIRB-MIUR- RBAU01RW82, Coordinator of the grant. Identification of forebrain murine specific genes: a candidate resource of gene potentially involved with neuro-psichiatric disorders.
2004-2005: IRCS grant (Gaslini Hospital, Genoa) - Coordinator Prof. Valeria Capra. Identification of genes involved in spina-bifida and caudal regression. P.I. Research unit.
2004-2007: EU-STREP-BRECOSM: Coordinator Prof. J. Sleeman Molecular mechanisms involved in organ-specific metastatic growth processes in breast cancer. P.I. Research Unit. Start on July 1, 2004.
2004-2006: EU-STREP- FLPFLEX: A flexible toolkit for controlling gene expression in the mouse; EU grant. Coordinator Prof. N. Rosenthal, Co-P.I. in the research unit. P.I. Prof. Ballabio. Creation of a repository bank of ES gene trapped murine clones using a new vector and genome recombinant strategy.
2005-2007: AIRC-REGIONALE. Title “Prostate cancer: molecular bases of invasiveness and identification of novel targets for therapy”. PI. Research unit n. 2
2005-2007: Principal Investigator AIRC-FIRC fellowships projects. Title: “Role of H-Prune and nm23, H2 genes, and their targets in Medulloblastoma”.
2006-2008: Principal Investigator AIRC-FIRC fellowships projects. Title: A new miRNA involved in paediatric tumors development of central nervous system”.
2006-2009: Associazione Lotta al Neuroblastoma. Co-PI- Massimo Zollo, PI. Achille Iolascon “New molecular targets in the prognosis of Neuroblastoma”
2007-2009: Associazione Lotta al Neuroblastoma. Co-PI- Massimo Zollo, PI. Achille Iolascon “Different pathways involved in paediatric tumors in Central nervous system: molecular bases and application studies”.
2007-2009: EU-STEP- E.E.T.pipeline: European Embryonal Tumor Pipeline. Coordinator Prof. Angelika Eggert. “Identification of genes and pathways involved in paediatric cancer for development of novel diagnostic tools and preclinical drug development”. PI and member of the scientific steering committee.
2008-2012: EU Project TuMIC: Coordinator Prof. J. Sleeman. Title "An integrated concept of tumor metastasis: implications for therapy". PI, Investigator Research unit, University Federico II.
2008-2009: ASSOCIATION FOR INTERNATIONAL CANCER RESEARCH Coordinator Prof. J. Sleeman Title "The role of ASAP1, J PRUNE and NMH23H1 interaction in the regulation of tumor metastasis". Prof. Massimo Zollo, PI research unit .CO-PI with Prof. Jonathan Sleeman.
2008-2009: AZIENDE CHIMICHE RIUNITE ANGELINI FRANCESCO A.C.R.A.F. Spa Principal Investigator Title "A preclinical animal model of inhibition of prostate cancer metastases by targeting CCL2 in Athymic/Nude mice: potential of combination therapy". Prof. Massimo Zollo PI research unit.
2009-2010: AIRC Pediatric Brain cancer Principal investigator "Pediatric brain tumors, a multitasking molecular approach to identify new therapies for Medulloblastoma". Prof. Massimo Zollo, PI research unit.

2011-2014:AIRC . “H-Prune as a target to impair tumor propagating cells in paediatric tumors”. Prof. Massimo Zollo PI research unit.

2011-2015: PON01_02388 “Heading towards personalized medicine: new molecular systems for the diagnosis and therapy of socially important oncological pathologies”. miR199b-5p discoveries, Prof. Massimo Zollo PI Research Unit Coordinator

1. Fraser, N., Ballabio, A., Zollo, M., Persico, G. & Craig, I. Identification of incomplete coding sequences for steroid sulphatase on the human Y chromosome: evidence for an ancestral pseudoautosomal gene? Development 101 Suppl, 127-132 (1987).

2. Ciccodicola, A., R. Dono, S. Obici, A. Simeone, M. Zollo and M.G. Persico. 1989. Molecular characterization of a gene of the 'EGF family' expressed in undifferentiated human NTERA2 teratocarcinoma cells. Embo J 8:1987-1991.

3.Banfi, S., G. Borsani, E. Rossi, L. Bernard, A. Guffanti, F. Rubboli, A. Marchitiello, S. Giglio, E. Coluccia, M. Zollo, O. Zuffardi and A. Ballabio. 1996. Identification and mapping of human cDNAs homologous to Drosophila mutant genes through EST database searching. Nat Genet 13:167-174.

4. Chen, E.Y., M. Zollo et al. Long-range sequence analysis in Xq28: thirteen known and six candidate genes in 219.4 kb of high GC DNA between the RCP/GCP and G6PD loci. Hum Mol Genet 5, 659-668 (1996).

5. Reymond, A. et al. and M. Zollo. Evidence for interaction between human PRUNE and nm23-H1 NDPKinase. Oncogene 18, 7244-7252 (1999).

6.D’Angelo A., Garzia L., André A. , Carotenuto P., Aglio V., Guardiola O., Arrigoni G., Cossu A., Palmieri G., L Aravind and M. Zollo. Prune cAMP phosphodiesterase binds nm23-H1 and promotes cancer metastasis. Cancer Cell, 5(2): 137-49 (2004).

7. International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium*. Finishing the euchromatic sequence of the human genome. Nature, 43: 931-45.

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