Abstract deadline approaching!

Submit your abstract for Plant Genomes in a Changing Environment (18-20 Oct 2021).
This year’s virtual conference will focus on the genomics of polyploidy and evolutionary genomics, and will discuss how to improve plants for tolerance of biotic and abiotic stresses.

We welcome abstracts on all themes of the conference, including:

  • Genomics of Polyploidy
  • Abiotic Adaptation
  • Biotic Interaction
  • Plant Evolutionary Genomics
  • Emerging Technology

Short talks will be selected from submitted abstracts. Poster presenters will get the opportunity to upload a lightning talk.

Submit your abstract here by 07 September 2021.
Bursary applications also close 07 September 2021.


Joy Bergelson
University of Chicago, USA

Kirsten Bomblies
ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Michele Morgante
University of Udine, Italy

Cristobal Uauy
John Innes Centre, UK


Deborah Charlesworth
University of Edinburgh, UK

Zachary Lippman
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA


Abstract deadline:
07 Sept 2021

Bursary deadline:
07 Sept 2021

Registration deadline:
11 Oct 2021


Siobhan Brady
University of California, Davis, USA

Eunyoung Chae
National University of Singapore, Singapore

Patricia Lang
Stanford University, USA

Polina Novikova
Max Planck Institute for Breeding Research, Germany

Ruben Rellan-Alvarez
NC State University, USA

Matthew Reynolds
CIMMYT, Mexico

Loren Rieseberg
University of British Columbia, Canada

Eva Stukenbrock
University of Kiel, Germany

Andrea Sweigart
University of Georgia, USA

Amos Tanay
Weizmann Institute, Israel

Maria Vallejo-Marin
University of Stirling, UK

Dan Voytas
University of Minnesota, USA


Organisations or companies interested in exhibiting at this virtual conference, please contact:

Catherine Holmes – Marketing and Communications Manager
(Lead for Learning, Training and Research)

You can download a copy of our sponsorship brochure here.


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