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We ask you to advertise this opening amongst the members of your community.

We currently have a postdoc opening on the project “Computational metagenomic analyses for Fish and food quality and origin assessment.”

The project is about the application of metagenomic and genomic data for the development of tools to evaluate the quality of food, with particular reference to the fish in relation to the accumulation of pollutants (such as: bioplastics, antibiotics and other xenobiotics), and origin focusing on use of data generated by second and third generation sequencers. Given the centrality of the analysis of massively generated sequences, a strong background in computational biology is required on the part of the candidate. The multidisciplinary vocation of the Microbiology laboratory is particularly suitable for projects of this type, also boasting numerous publications and funded projects on similar topics. The candidate will therefore have to deal with the computational biology part related to the carrying out of both projects, working mainly on ad-hoc generated sequences and using clustering and classification algorithms and have a background in biostatistics and Computer sciences.

The position is Fish_eu Trust H2020 Eu-grant.

The position is a one year position that can be renewed up to 3 years.

Unfortunately the deadline is very near, January 22, in 5 days.

The link can be found at MIUR, or

To obtain an English version of the applicant should please write to, indicating that you want to apply to the Bando Computational metagenomic analyses for Fish and food quality and origin assessment.

Sincerely Yours,

Duccio Cavalieri PhD
Full Professor of Microbiology
Department of Biology
University of Florence

Postdoctoral position Cavalieri’s group Unifi

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