Dear Colleagues,

We are very excited to announce the fourth edition of the EMBO practical course in population genomics: this year there will be added emphasis on programming and machine learning applied to population genomics.
The link to the course page is:

This EMBO Practical Course will cover coalescent theory, the effect of demography in space and time, genetic clustering, the detection and quantification of admixture and selection. Lectures on these topics will be complemented by hand-on computer practicals introducing a wide range of software packages, both in R and Python.

This course is aimed at evolutionary biologists who already have basic bioinformatics skills. A main criterion for selection will be how much a candidate can benefit from the course. This implies that Ph.D. students and Postdoc researchers will likely be favoured; however, applications from candidates at all levels will be considered.
Registration deadline is 28 January 2020

Please feel free to forward this message to anyone who might be interested. Apologies for multiple posting.

Have a great day.
The Organizers

EMBO practical course in population genomics: patrocinato dall’AGI

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