Department of Biosciences, University of Milan, Italy

A postdoctoral position (2 years) is available in the “Human Genome Architecture” laboratory of
Giuliana Giannuzzi (starting date: Fall 2021).

We are seeking qualified and enthusiastic applicants with skills in computational
biology/bioinformatics, ideally also with some experience in laboratory work.

The “Human Genome Architecture” lab has been recently established at the Department of
Biosciences of the University of Milan, one of the “Departments of Excellence” of Italian
Universities. We are interested in the study of complex regions of the human genome that are
hotspots in disease, diversity, and evolution. We analyze genetic data from individuals carrying
pathogenic and/or peculiar structural variants (large genomic alterations >50 bp) and
reconstruct the architecture of these loci and their evolutionary history through comparative
sequence analysis in Primates. We also investigate the consequences of the rearrangements
by genotype-phenotype correlation studies as well as gene expression data analysis. Future
developments will include the assessment of the 3D chromatin organization.

The postdoctoral fellow will study complex regions involved in neurodevelopmental disorders
by using both data produced in the lab and available genomic data.

Please submit your application, including a CV, statement of research interest, and contact
information of two/three references to Giuliana Giannuzzi (

Post-doc position available at UNIMI

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