Department of Biotechnology and Biosciences
University of Milano-Bicocca- ITALY

Exciting opportunity for a post-doctoral scholarship is open on the PRIN (PROGETTI DI RICERCA DI RILEVANTE INTERESSE NAZIONALE) project “Understanding dyserythropoiesis to identify new therapeutic mechanisms in hereditary anemias”.

The research project will be carried out at the Department of Biotechnology and Biosciences, University of Milano – Bicocca (Italy) in the Human Genetics Laboratory headed by Prof. Antonella Ronchi. The fellowship is for two years.

Our laboratory is interested in studying molecular mechanisms of erythroid cells differentiation during development, focusing on transcriptional control of the differentially expressed globins genes during development. We are using cellular and mouse models, gene editing and state-of-the art approaches to investigate transcription factors-chromatin interactions to functionally characterize key players in dyserythropoiesis in beta-hemoglobinopathies with the final goal of identifying new therapeutic targets.

Education required

  • University PhD degree in a relevant discipline, e.g. biomedicine, biology or biochemistry that was obtained within the last 4 years


  • Experience with basic laboratory methods in molecular/cell biology and biochemistry and or hematology
  • Fluent written and oral communication in English
  • High level of motivation and commitment
  • Ability to work in a team

Deadline: October  31, 2022.

Additional information
More information can be obtained directly from Prof. Antonella Ronchi

Junior Post-doctoral fellowship in the field of erythropoiesis

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