We are looking for a full-time PhD student to join our three-year ‘Eco2Wine’ Doctoral Network Programme, focused on closing the gap between microbiomics, winemakers and the public. Wine microbiomics aims at using the microbial biodiversity naturally associated with healthy vines and vineyards as a tool for innovation in winemaking, to produce sustainable, eco-friendly wines while improving vineyard management and offering consumers a broader choice of wines.

The PhD student will be based at Perugia University in Italy but will also spend time with project partners in other wine-growing regions of the world. Microbial biodiversity associated with grape and wine is characterized by a significant taxonomic and geographic diversity and variability. The successful candidate will work on the qualitative and quantitative identification and characterization of the strains isolated by the partners in different countries, to produce a comprehensive view and to store these microorganisms in a specific culture collection. Furthermore, the candidate will be active in developing a working system to preserve biodiversity in the samples with cryo-conservation systems in order to maintain the whole diversity in a sort of “time capsule” for the generations to come. The candidate will be also active in the conservation of biodiversity in the very places where it evolved, in order to allow for a continuation of the evolution for future decades. These activities will be carried out with a blend of microbiology, molecular biology and bioinformatics, to produce reliable results and offer the candidate a comprehensive preparation that he/she will be able to spend in both the industrial and academic environment.

Applicants must have a Master’s degree in biological sciences, preferably in the fields of agricultural science, biodiversity or biotechnology studies. Experience in manipulating microorganisms, molecular biology and prior knowledge of bioinformatics tools will be an advantage. According to EU rules, the candidate appointed in Italy may not have lived or worked in Italy in the 12 months before the appointment.

How to apply

Find more information about the 10 PhD positions associated with the Eco2Wine Project, as well as the process to apply here.
You can see further detail about the doctoral position related to microbial biodiversity preservation (DC5: Ruling and technology for strains and consortia biodiversity preservation in oenology) by visiting this link.
Complete the application form.

Applicants should submit the documentation via e-mail to dnenrol.eco2wine@icvv.es by 31 December 2023 at 11.59 pm (GMT). Please also use this address for any queries.

If you have specific questions about the DC5 position, you are welcome to contact Professor Gianluigi Cardinali via email at gianluigi.cardinali@unipg.it.

EU-funded PhD opportunity in Italy in Wine Science Communication

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