Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Greetings from Gubbio!

By this letter, we would like to invite all of you to attend the “Fifteenth International Conference on Drosophila Heterochromatin” which will be held again in Gubbio.

The meeting will begin on June 10th and finish on June 15th, 2024!

We want also to recall that the meeting site has a large space for posters and an auditorium that can comfortably accommodate more than 100 people. Thus, in addition to the platform speakers we welcome applications from other scientists, including your postdocs and graduate students, to attend the meeting and present a poster. Please forward this letter to anyone you think would be interested in coming.

As in the past, we will continue with a feature introduced at the past meetings; inclusion of eminent researchers studying heterochromatin in other organisms. The interactions among researchers working in different organisms, with different experimental approaches was a bit of “salt” that contributed to the notable success of our conference.

In addition to the scientific sessions, we will take advantage of the special traditions and sites that this area of Italy has to offer. Among the extra-meeting activities, we will be given round trip to the Tuscany.

This is the website where you will find, along with a preliminary program, the complete list of prices for the different hotel categories (it looks like prices will be little bit cheaper than last 2019 meeting) and the modalities of payment.

As always, Monia and Federico will take care of the social and practical aspects of the meeting organization.

We need to know as soon as possible whether you plan on attending, and how many students and postdocs you think may accompany you. Your responses are important so that we can block an appropriate number of hotel space for us.
For any question, you can ask by e-mail me and Laura or Monia and Federico.

We are sure that, given the perfect setting and the continuous exciting progress being made in the study of heterochromatin, we will have another productive and enjoyable meeting.

Sergio Pimpinelli:
Laura Fanti:
Monia Rossi and Federico Cambiotti:

15th Heterochromatin Conference

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